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Gao Lufeng


Founder and CEO of Ninebot


        After graduating from Beihang University, Gao Lufeng established Ninebot Inc. in February 2012. His goal was to be engaged in the field of innovative short-distance transportation to implement R & D, sales, and services of a variety of products, which included the single-wheel and double-wheel self-balance scooters. In October 2014, the company obtained an investment of over USD 80 million from Xiaomi, Sequoia Capital, Shunwei Capital and Huashan Capital. In April 2015, Ninebot acquired Segway, the originator of the balance scooter, to form the new Segway-Ninebot Company and become a global leader in the field of smart short-distance transportation.




Wang Ye


Co-founder and President of Ninebot


        Wang Ye graduated from Beihang University in 2006 with a master’s degree in engineering. In the same year, he co-founded Beijing Bochuang Xingsheng Robotics Technology Co., Ltd. and served as its general manager. He has been a standing member of RCCCAA (Robot Competition Committee of Chinese Automation Association) and a standing director of the Beijing Association for Artificial Intelligence since 2008. He co-founded the Full United Technology Co., Ltd (Beijing) (a predecessor of Ninebot) in 2012 and served as its Co-CEO. He has been president of Ninebot since 2015, in charge of pre-research, product development, supply chains, manufacturing and more.




Xu Peng




        With over 15 years of experience in financial management, he once was in charge of professional auditing in one of the Big Four accounting firms and served as general manager of finance in a Fortune 500 company. He has rich experience in financial analysis, internal control,IPO, investment & finance, and project incubation. He joined Ninebot in 2015 as Group Strategy VP to be mainly responsible for strategic planning, investor relations, internal auditing, and IPOs.




Wang Ying




        With over 15 years of experience in financial management within Fortune 500 companies, Wang Ying is proficient in PRC GAAP (Chinese Accounting Standards) and US GAAP (US Accounting Standards). Having worked in the finance, consumer product, trade, and manufacturing industries for many years, he is good at financial and tax management, capital appreciation operations, and construction of internal control mechanisms. He joined Ninebot in 2015 as VP of the Group’s Finance Department to be mainly responsible for financial and tax management, financial planning and analysis management.




Huang Chen




        With over 10 years of operating experience in sales management and brand building, as well as overseas regional management in multinational corporations, he is familiar with B2C, B2B, online and offline sales, and channel management models. His management range includes China, the United States, Southeast Asia, Latin America, North Africa, Eastern Europe, and other regions to cover a business volume of over RMB 1.5 billion. He joined Ninebot in 2016 as VP of the Chinese and Asia Pacific business areas to be mainly responsible for the management of business centers in the Asia Pacific (including China).




Tao Yunfeng




        Having once engaged in human capital management within the Fortune 500 company Huawei for more than 10 years, Tao Yunfeng has extensive experience in overseas management. He is good at planning and building the human capital management system. He is particularly experienced in HR strategic management, COE, and HRBP system management. He joined Ninebot in 2016 as the Human Resources & Executive VP to be mainly responsible for human resources and administrative management for the group.


He Dong



        Having once served as product and market VP of Myvu/MicroOptical (predecessor of Google Glass Technology) in the United States, senior manager of P&G in the United States, and director as well as COO of Fangjia Network, He Dong has over 20 years of experience in strategy and financing consulting for technology innovation companies. He pioneered the big data search platform and used this to lead the way in the evaluation of China’s housing prices. Furthermore, he once served as the strategy and financing consultant for several technology innovation companies. He joined Ninebot in 2017 as Global Business Development VP to be mainly responsible for the group’s mid-term and long-term business expansion. This included the development and management of strategic partners.


Ma Ge


        Being engaged in business management for more than 20 years, Ma Ge owns nearly 10 years of experience in independent business and brand operation in the entertainment, catering, real estate investment, and engineering construction fields. He once served as the project manager of large projects such as the tour concert and launch event of Zhang Xueyou. He joined the Full United Technology Co., Ltd. (Beijing) in 2012 to serve as VP of the overseas sales department. Here he was responsible for overseas business expansion and management of the Wind Runner and Ninebot series of balance scooters. In April 2017, he took charge of the Brazil & Mexico Regional Department, which is an emerging market business department.


Zhao Zhongwei




        Zhao Zhongwei has been engaged in market operation and management for more than 20 years. She once led several companies to achieve top market shares within a short period of time. She successfully led the company where she worked in completing several financing issues. She joined the Full United Technology Co., Ltd. (Beijing) in 2012 to serve as COO of the company. She is responsible for the company’s market operation and management.




Xiao Xiao




        Xiao Xiao graduated with a major in mechanical design, manufacturing and automation from the North China University of Technology. He obtained a master’s degree in marketing from Beijing University of Finance and Economics from 2007 to 2009. Furthermore, he served as the director of the marketing department in the French company AERECO from 2006 to 2011, responsible for the company’s marketing activities in China. He joined the Full United Technology Co., Ltd. (Beijing) in July 2012 to serve as the director of Ninebot’s domestic sales department with the main responsibility being domestic business expansion and management of the Wind Runner and Ninebot balance scooter series. He started to take charge of the product management center in May 2016 to be mainly responsible for product and quality management.