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Segway Drift W1

Experience Segway's New E-skates!

Unlimited Fun With Unlimited Imagination

  • 平衡车新形态 自由操控百变玩法
  • 使用人群广泛 大人小孩都能玩

Easy To Learn

The Segway Drift W1 is very easy to learn even without a coach and no need wear it.

Continue Segway’s stable self-balancing technology enables to move effortlessly and stylishly. You can get the new skill in minutes.

  • Get On
  • Move forward
  • Make a Turn
  • Climbing

The Possibilities Are Endless

Gliding, spinning, dancing or doing tricks – the possibilities of how the Segway Drift W1 can be used are endless.

Move Effortlessly

  • 12km/h


  • 100kg


  • 45min



[1] Fully charged, 75kg payload, 8km/h average speed. Segway Drift W1 can provide you a 45 minute ride.

Spindle-shaped Tread Design

The high-power hub motor is very powerful and adopts the spindle-shaped tread design to achieve small resistance and more flexible steering.

Easy To Carry

Elastic bands at the bottom allows you to easily carry on pair in one hand.

Ambient Head And Tail Lights

Get noticed wherever you go with ambient lights that has three light modes to match with your style. Its normal state is the blue light and it can be switched to the colorful ambient light mode when you press the on/off button for three seconds.

More Safer Than The Roller Skates

Low chassis, no binding, even if the loss of balance is not easy to fall down, you can get off in time, reduce the occurrence of accidental injury.

Strong Body But Lightweight

With the aluminum alloy, each Segway Drift W1weights just under 3.5kg making them easy to carry and transport, wherever you may want to ride.

10mm Rubber Bumpers Damage Protection

The rubber bumpers at the front and rear protect your product.

High-security Lithium Battery Design

The Drift W1 is fully packed in the magnesium alloy. Equipped with an smart battery management system with dual protection that meets the UL standards. Makes sure that no battery power is wasted and prevent it from overheating.

It Has Passed A Number Of Reliability Tests And International Safety Certifications

  • 48-hour salt spray test
  • single-wheel 2,000kg static pressure test
  • 1,000km fatigue driving test


Founded in 1999, Segway invented self-balancing vehicles and the founder
of innovative short distance transportation
March 2015, Segway and Ninebot merged into the Segway-Ninebot Group.
Segway owns 700+ global fundamental and core patents in the industry.
We provide smart mobility solutions for people and goods
Our goal is serve 1 billion people globally with products that enhance their lifestyle.