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Segway makes a new appearance at CES 2016

        Consumer electronics has always been the best indicator for us to prospect for the future lifestyle and people are always looking for possibilities about future from various innovative brands and innovators to gain a live picture of life. As the world’s largest and most influential annual consumer electronics show, CES 2016 kicks off in Las Vegas on January 6, 2016, a great event to show human wisdom and future lifestyle.


        On the morning EST, January 4, Segway announced its integration of Segway and Ninebot brands and its expansion of business. Its main operations are expanded and classified into two categories: Segway PT (Personal Transportation) and Segway Robotics. In 2016, Segway will explore the home service robots field through joint efforts with Intel and Xiaomi. As an important move into the service robots field, this cooperation enables Segway to make preparations for future development based on existing technologies.


        At the Sands Expo # 72145 booth in Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC), Segway will showcase a series of innovative technologies, equipment and experience. Will Segway, after its brand integration and business expansion, bring more exciting products and services to consumers? Let’s take a look in advance.


Segway shows rich product mix and innovative technology achievements


        After the completion of the brand integration, Segway starts using a new VI system and delivers a more internationalized company positioning that focuses on innovation and intelligence-oriented development. With black and white as base color, the exhibition stand features a technological and futuristic style. In the exhibition area, classical Segwayi2 and x2 as well as such subbrands as Ninebot E+, Ninebot One series, and Ninebot Mini are all on display. The world leading equipment and technologies in innovative short transportation will bring the media and participants a trendy tour full of classic memories and innovation.


        Intel CEO forecasts Segway’s new project at its opening keynote speech


        As a highlight of CES shows, the opening keynote speech defines the keynote of CES 2016 and ignites the enthusiasm of global innovators and consumers. At 6:30 pm, January 5 (local time), Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich delivers the opening keynote speech, focusing on the key trend to speed up the next round of computing innovation and disclosing for the first time the latest project between Intel and Segway. What kind of cooperation will be between these two technology companies? Let’s wait and see.




    Segway holds project presentation to increase possibilities for life


        At 15:30 p.m., January 6 (local time), Segway, Intel and Xiaomi jointly hold a project presentation themed Ride the Intelligence at Caesars Palace hotel in Las Vegas. This new project integrates unique core technologies of these three companies and highlights Segway's innovation tradition. On the occasion, Segway, together with a number of distinguished guests and media, will unveil the astounding changes in experience that are brought by innovative technologies to people’s life.