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A New Personal Robot Project Officially Released by Segway

        A New Personal Robot Project Officially Released by Segway in the United States


        On January 6, 2016 at 15:30 pm (local time in Las Vegas), a project presentation on the theme "Ride the Intelligence" was jointly organized in Caesar's Palace Hotel by Segway, with a new identity, Intel and Xiaomi Technology, for the purpose of conducting a worldwide release for Segway's personal robot project. Many heavyweight guests and media witnessed the application results of innovative technology, and also impressed by the unprecedented amazing experience brought by the Segway Robot to human life.


        Wang Ye, president of Ninebot & Segway Group, firstly made a brief introduction to the integration of the just-released Segway brand, and then he mentioned that, "with an aim to develop a more lightweight and accessible product for intelligent travel, we launched Ninebot Mini series in 2015, expanding a broader consumer market. The core business of the Group has expanded to two main categories during the integration process: Segway PT (Personal Transportation) and Segway Robotics. Robot application will become more widespread by the new projects announced in today's presentation."


        Segway VP Francis Bridges expressed: "Segway is a self-initiated brand and pioneer representative of self-balancing vehicle, since its foundation 16 years ago, there are more and more users enjoying an extraordinary experience brought by technology innovation because of Segway, and innovation is the spirit of Segway. Segway Robot is not only a means of transport, but an extension of human body. It can hear, see and perceive the world." Meanwhile, he also mentioned: "we are very honored to have Intel and Xiaomi as our partners, they are very authoritative in their respective fields. I believe that Segway Robot will serve every family very soon through the efforts of all parties."


        Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel Corporation, delivered his opinion in the following speech that a robot revolution era has arrived. "We are on the cusp of a robotics revolution. Robots have been working away in factories for more than half a century but their potential is far from being tapped. I think all of us can look back to our childhoods and think of times when we have been promised personal robots but these promises did not come to fruition. Today is different: computers are gaining human like senses… at Intel, we call this the Sensification of Compute. The progression of Moore’s Law is providing sufficient compute horsepower to effectively process all of these sensor inputs. The capability for developers to build on top of platforms with Open APIs is enabling ecosystems to form around innovative platforms. The Segway Robot is a perfect example of these 3 trends at work enabling a device that you can actually envision being part of your everyday life. Segway robot is equipped with Intel RealSense camera "eyes" and Atom processor a powerful brain. " He believes that Segway Robot is filled with endless possibilities under the support of the strong partners as Segway and Xiaomi.


        At the end, Pu Li, a robot project leader, appeared on the stage by riding a robot, and showed the application of Segway Robot in life scene through a video. At first glance, it is just a small size self-balancing vehicle product without specialties. However, at the moment when the switch was turned on, it suddenly became a robot with eyes and expression, and could speak and understand the instructions.


        Pu Li introduced that Segway Robot is supported by Segway's self-balancing vehicle technology to extend and expand human ability on the premise of fulfilling transportation task. Artificial intelligence system is installed on the self-balancing vehicle to realize look, listening and speaking skills by Intel's powerful computing unit and a variety of sensors, such as RealSense depth perception sensor and microphone array sensor. If we bring the Segway Robot to our daily life, then we will find a new self or an alternative, just like the extension of the body, we can do whatever we want.

        All personal vehicles, even the most intelligent ones, are just the extension of human legs and feet. However, when they become a part of Internet of Things, their perception and implementation scope will be infinite. The combination of Segway Robot with Xiaomi Internet of Things system can help check the abnormal situation when no one at home and open or turn off the air purifier……we can manipulate our surrounding environment as we wishes just by moving our mouth. By then, we may have relied on all the convenience and enjoyment brought by intelligent technology.


        In the field of short distance travel, the best representative of personal vehicle must be self-balancing vehicle; while in the field of robots, personal vehicle with self-balancing vehicle technology and artificial intelligence is undoubtedly the innovation product with future science and technology concept. In the end, Pu Li mentioned that the robot project will be an open platform on which geek players can use SDK to write their own applications. Where there is a will there is a way.


        Riding the wings of technology and innovation, Segway will strive to extend its foot service to the family service. No matter how advanced the science and technology are, they will have a positive value only when aiming at improving the quality of human life. Segway's products are intelligent, environment-friendly, energy-saving and things-connecting, but they are just our carriers. Our goal is not just to create more smart products with multiple technologies, but hope that we believe life is full of infinite possibilities and our lives will be richer and more interesting by using Segway series of products.

We have been expecting our future life. Maybe, our future era has come, and this is our best time.