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Ninebot One S2 Released in Korea


        The global leader in self-balancing vehicles, Segway & Ninebot, teamed up with its general distributor in Korea Starfleet to unveil the Ninebot One S2 in Lotte City Hotel at 11:00, April 21, 2016.


        Guests and media witnessed the official lauch of the Ninebot One S2, which will be marketed worldwide. Attendees included Ninebot COO Ms Zhao Zhongwei, VP of the Global Sales Management Center Mr. Ma Ge, and CEO of Starfleet’s affiliate iwheel Jeong Jin Ho. Those present witnessed the new unit’s aesthetics and technical intelligence, which will lead the vehicle on an exciting journey.


        After the ceremony opened, Jeong Jin Ho captured the attention of the audience by demonstrating the Ninebot One S2. Following a short and stylish feature film about the futuristic product, he unraveled the mystery surrounding the Ninebot One S2 and demonstrated its unique charm.


        All aspects of Ninebot One S2, from exterior design to product performance, have shown the company’s expertise with single-wheeled products. Behind the futuristic and minimalistic outer style lies industry-leading technology and a user-friendly design. 

        A humanistic engineering principle is applied to maximize user comfort in riding and ensure equal satisfaction with style and experience. Users can customize both the exterior and battery design, including the battery, shell, and accessories.

        Ninebot One S2 has made another innovation in its single wheeler series by providing an entertaining and interactive experience at a weight of just 11.4kg, with the 14-inch tire designed to provide the most comfortable ride possible. Light and flexible, the vehicle is suitable for beginners. It is easy to carry, and can be used in many scenarios up to a high speed of 24 km/h and a cruising distance of 30 km. It fully satisfies people’s demand when it comes to short daily trips.


        Customizable battery, shell, and light

        Ninebot One S2 has a battery pack installed on either side, and either can be detached to lower the weight and alter the max speed and distance. Most of the vehicle’s shell is left untouched, so you can get creative with your own designs. Ninebot One S2 provides thousands of dazzling lighting effects, which can be set as required via your Ninebot app, making a fashion statement on the road.


        Simplicity outside, sophistication inside

        The smart BMS monitors the lithium batteries in the vehicle, detects the voltage of each cell in real time, minimizes faults, generates an alarm and cuts off the power when a fault is detected to protect batteries and guarantee your safety. The powerful electromotor and imported high-rate battery pack ensure high performance on narrow roads, grassland, potholes, fine gravel, and slopes up to 15°. Fully sealed IP54 protection applied to the electrical system ensures smooth riding on rainy days or muddy roads.

Smart phone management and instruction video

By connecting the device to the app through Bluetooth, users can watch the instruction video to quickly learn how to ride, check the vehicle’s running status at any time, customize settings, upgrade the firmware, and share on social media at any time.

        Safety: Our top concern

        Segway & Ninebot Group boasts 16 years of experience in self-balancing vehicles and security algorithms, and we hold over 400 core patents in the industry. All our products are governed by strict company standards and fully comply with the demanding criteria for anti-vibration, smog, and extreme temperature tests.


        Safety technologies like Power-on Security Check ensures the whole unit is in working condition before users start their journey. Pick-up and Stop function stops the device running after it is lifted to eliminate the risk of injury.

Our expert R&D team ensures a comfortable and safe riding experience, which combines with a stylish and individual design to make Ninebot One S2 a highly anticipated product. 

After the presentation was over, the guests and reporters visited the experience zone to try out the product. Whether it will become a fashion darling in Korea is hotly anticipated. 

The product will be marketed in Korea from mid-May onwards, and will no doubt become the new gadget of choice for the young and hip.