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A Future in Sight -- Segway Inaugurates its Flagship Store

        Segway, a world-class brand in innovative short-distance transport, opened its flagship store in Beijing on August 12, 2016. Segway Group investors Yu Quan (a duo between Chen Yufan and Hu Haiquan), and representatives from its global sales agents, Segway company, users, and medias attended the opening ceremony to witness the historical moment.


        (Gao Lufeng, Segway CEO, delivers a speech)

        Gao Lufeng, Segway’s CEO, was the first to deliver a speech at the inauguration. He introduced the current development, strategic significance and future planning of the flagship store and explained the concept of "Segway Day" (August 12), which is celebrated globally as the day for marketing, fun and interaction among fans. The next speakers were the investor representatives, Hu Haiquan and Chen Yufan, and Segway’s agent in Japan, Mr. Dai, who all gave retrospective descriptions of how they connected with Segway and Ninebot and spelled out their expectations for the flagship store and offered their best wishes. Then,  Zhao Zhongwei, Segway’s COO, and Huang Chen, Vice President of Sales for Asia Pacific Region, issued licenses to eight dealers from across Greater China. All the guests celebrated the ribbon-cutting ceremony and took a group photo, formally marking the opening of the store. The store manager then showed the guests around. 


        (The guests and representatives cut the ribbon)

        Segway has consistently focused on the overseas market and maintained a reputation and influence that extends far beyond China’s market. Ninebot, China's leading brand of self-balancing vehicles, has leveraged its integration with Segway, its accumulated advantages in products and resources, and its strategic network in the China market,  and decided on Beijing as the location for the flagship store, in an effort to offer comprehensive services to Chinese customers.

        (Interior design of the store)

        The Segway flagship store integrates demonstration, experience, sales and after-sale services and covers a total area of 629 square meters. It consists of five functional zones including demonstration, test drive, after-sale services, VIP reception, and office. The demonstration zone displays Segway and Ninebot’s entire line of products, including i2, x2 and Golf Ball (Segway series) and Ninebot 9 series, Ninebot One series and Ninebot Mini series (Ninebot series), offering an intensive demonstration of technical innovative creations of top global short-distance transport devices. In addition, as the pioneer of innovative technology, Segway also displays its futuristic products, such as the Segway Robot and P.U.M.A. so that customers can have access to its latest creations and experience the most cutting-edge technology products. All products, except for the futuristic categories and Ninebot Mini Pro (oversea version), can be bought directly from the store with after-sale service provided. Customized, considerate services are also available in the store. Customers can have laser inscription on every product they buy from the store, enjoying the unique, exclusive service.


        Minimalist interior design is used throughout the store, with the black-and-white Segway VI setting the dominant tone. Various cambered elements and intelligent lighting systems create different colors and a time-space atmosphere of a fashionable future. Segway's entire line of products are on display. The ingenious combination of the products' inherent fashionable exterior, technical intelligence and the environment allows every customer to be absorbed by the magic of science, inspiring their curiosity to take a test drive. It also engenders a sense of the fun while viewing the most innovative developments and technical intelligence.


        (Crowd queues up to enter the store)

        Segway kicked off their biggest-ever promotion on the day, with customers flooding into the store for a look or to make a purchase. The store reached capacity on its first day of business. While the store opened at 11:00 AM, customers were queuing up outside well before then, waiting in a long line for their chance to come inside and make a purchase. The Ninebot E, with a chance of getting it for free during promotion, was the most sought-after product among customers.